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LEODEGARIUS:  text is taken from Caxton's English version of the Golden Legend (Ellis edition)

Life of S Logier

Here followeth the Life of S Logier, and first of his name.

Leodegarius or Logier is said of leos, that is to say, people, and of ganos, that is to say, angel. Logier was angel of the people. For an angel is properly light, and is a messenger for to show the people good works. And so he showed to the people tofore the deed how he and Ebroinus should finish their lives.

Of S. Logier.

Logier when he shone and resplended in all virtue he deserved to be bishop of Autun. Clotaire was dead. He was much grieved for the cure and charge of the realm, and by the will of God and counsel of the princes he crowned Childeric, yet young, to be king. But Ebroinus would have made Theodoric, brother of Childeric, king, not for the profit of the realm, but because he was put out of his power and was hated of all the people, and doubted the ire of the king and of the princes, and therefore he required of the king licence for to enter into religion, and the king granted it to him. Then the king did hold his brother Theodoric in guard that he should machine nothing against the realm. And by the holiness and providence of the good bishop Logier all the people were in joy and in peace.

And soon after, the king being impaired by evil counsel was moved in wrath against this holy bishop, servant of God, and sought means ententively how he might convenably put him to death. But Logier suffered all goodly, and reputed his enemies like as his friends, and did so much toward the king, that on Easter-day he should sing mass in the city, whereof he was bishop. And that day it was told to him that the king should perform that night all that he had treated for his death, but he ne doubted nothing, but dined that day with the king at his own table. And then he fled his persecutor in such manner that he went to the monastery of Luxen, there, serving our Lord, in which Ebroinus there was hid in the habit of a monk, and also served him in great charity. And a while after the king died, and Theodoric was enhanced into the reign. For which thing the blessed S. Logier, moved by the weeping and tears of the people, and constrained by the commandment of his abbot, returned unto his see in his city. But Ebroinus anon renounced his religion, and was ordained steward of the king. And howbeit that he was evil tofore, yet he was worse after, and studied how he might bring Logier to death, and sent knights for to take him. And when the blessed Logier knew it he would have escaped from the woodness and malice. And as he issued out of the town in the habit of a bishop, he was taken of the knights, which anon put out his eyes. And then two years after, S. Logier with Guerin his brother, whom Ebroinus had exiled, were brought unto the palace of the king. And as Ebroinus mocked the bishop, they answered wisely and peaceably. Notwithstanding, that wicked man Ebroinus sent Guerin for to be stoned to death with stones, and made the bishop to be led all the night barefoot upon sharp stones, on which the water ran fast. And when he heard that he prayed God in his torments, he made to cut out the tongue of his head, and after to keep in prison, for to make him suffer new torments. But for all that he lost never his speech, but entended to preach and exhortation as well as he might, and said tofore how he and Ebroinus should die, and when. Then a great light in manner of a crown environed his head, which much people saw, and some demanded him what thing it was, and he kneeled down and made his prayers, yielding graces to God, and admonished all them that were there that they should change their life into a better. And when Ebroinus heard that, he had great envy at him, and sent four men for to smite off his head. And when they led him forth, he said to them: It is no need to you to labour any more, but fulfil ye here the desire of him that sent you. And then three of them had so great pity of him that they kneeled down and required pardon, and the fourth smote off his head, which anon was ravished of the devil, and being thrown in the fire, ended his life miserably.

Then two years after Ebroinus heard that God showed many miracles for his blessed saint, and the renomee of it shone over all, and he was tormented with cursed envy, and sent thither a knight to weet the truth, and to return and tell to him. And when the knight came thither, he proudly smote the tomb with his foot, and said: An evil death may he have that saith and believeth that this dead body may do miracles. And anon he was ravished of the devil and died suddenly, and the saint was the more worshipped by his death. And when Ebroinus heard this, he was then more tormented with malice of envy, and enforced to quench the fame of the holy saint. But after the saying tofore of the saint he feloniously slew himself with a sword. And this holy bishop S. Logier suffered death about the year of our Lord six hundred and eighty, in the time of Constantine the fourth.

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